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Course Etiquette and Dress Code

In order for all to enjoy the Formby Experience, and to maintain the traditions of our Club and the game of golf, we ask all our guests to adhere to our Club dress regulations which are detailed on the notices at Reception and in the Locker Room.

Our members and guests are welcome to use devices to access the public wi-fi throughout the Clubhouse but we would ask that they are engaged in silent mode and not used for telephone calls or the taking of photographs.

We ask that they must be switched off at all times on the course but may be used in medical emergencies.

Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

Course Etiquette and Dress Code

Formby Golf Club is a traditional Members Club where smart attire is essential at all times. In order for everyone to enjoy our world-renowned course and facilities, we ask you to adhere to the following:

On the Course

Players and spectators on the course are expected to maintain a high standard of dress and are required to wear smart conventional golfing attire with spiked, soft spike or dimple soled golf shoes.

  • The wearing of tailored golfing shorts (no external pockets) is permitted.
  • Socks must be worn, with ankle socks visible over the shoe.
  • All shirts must have collars or polo necks and worn tucked inside trousers or shorts.
  • All trousers must be tailored.
  • Ladies are to wear conventional golfing attire.
Players and spectators are politely reminded not to wear any of the following:
  • Jeans, tracksuits and shell suits.
  • Shorts with additional side pockets, such as cargo or combat style 
Vests, T-shirts, rugby or football shirts
  • Ladies – halter or round neck tops.

In the Clubhouse

Ground Floor – Reception Area, Gerald Thorp Bar & Golfers’ Bar
  • Smart casual golfing attire is expected in the ground floor bars.
  • Tailored golf shorts are allowed in the Gerald Thorp Bar, Golfer’s Bar and Locker Room.
  • Golf Shoes with soft spikes or dimple soles only, are permitted in the Gerald Thorp Bar subject to weather conditions.
  • In the event of inclement weather notices will be displayed advising that a change in footwear is obligatory.
  • Trainers, sandals and flip flops are not allowed anywhere.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.
  • If you are unlucky enough to be caught out by the rain, please leave all wet clothing and waterproofs in the drying room.
  • Wet clothing is not to be worn in the Clubhouse.

Upstairs Dining Room, Club Room and Snooker Room:

Jackets & Ties are required upstairs at all times after 11am with the exception of Friday Golf and Supper evenings where a tie is optional. A jacket must be worn at all times accompanied by a smart casual shirt with collar (not a polo shirt) and tailored trousers. Smart golfing attire is permitted upstairs in the snooker room only, until 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

Our members and guests are welcome to use devices to access the public wi-fi throughout the Clubhouse, but we would ask that they are engaged in silent mode and not used for telephone calls. The use of mobile devices is not allowed during official club dinners.


Pace of Play

  • Recommendations from the R&A and USGA suggest you should complete your round in no more than 4 hours 15 minutes. Golf etiquette requires you to please call through players who are being held up behind you.
  • You may only play on the tees of the day which will be confirmed by the Pro Shop or 1st Tee Starter. 
All bunker rakes are to be left in the centre of the bunkers.
  • Trolleys must not be taken onto tees or greens under any circumstances.
  • Pitchmarks must be repaired, and divots replaced.


We wish you an enjoyable visit at Formby Golf Club.