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Formby Golf Club History

Our enforced absence from the course has given us the time to reflect on the club’s history which is long and illustrious.

Thank you to club Historian Ian Jamson for piecing together these fabulous pictures and stories.

From top left:

  • Picture 1 – Due to rapidly increasing membership, an extension was added to our clubhouse in 1895.
  • Picture 2 – Mr FEM Dixon, first Secretary of Formby Golf Club, in post until 1905
  • Picture 3 – Formby’s first interclub match vs local rivals West Lancashire in 1886, a match that is still played today as a Captains match and also by past Captains of both clubs who play for the ‘outstanding guinea’.
  • Picture 4 – Council minutes from August 1914 offering our clubhouse as use as a convalescent home during World War 1.